Pre-Rouge Activator Serum | Synchronized Cellular Skin Repair Concentrate

Introducing Lumière Rouge : Pre-Rouge Synchronized Cellular Skin Repair Concentrate. 

Advanced clinical complex deeply penetrates, replenishes moisture and restructures aged skin.

Synchronised cellular skin repair formulations restores healthy skin exposed to extrinsic environmental factors over the years.

Increases collagen and strengthens the look of the skin, whilst giving you renewed, energised and youthfully radiant skin.

Fine lines and Wrinkles appear diminished.

Lifts Sagging skin and Jowls.

Deeply hydrates, soothes and nourishes tired and ageing skin for a healthy vibrant glow.


Lumière Rouge Research : Pre-Rouge Synchronized Cellular Skin Repair Concentrate  is Part of our highly anticipated Collection d'Armoires (Cabinet Collection) - designed to take away the confusion when it comes to skin routines.