Post-Rouge Serum | Tri-Peptide Skin Resurrection Serum

Introducing Lumière Rouge : Post-Rouge Tri-Peptide Skin Resurrection Serum. 

An exceptional formula that is feather light and allows a deep lipid-replenishing action, for comfortable, nourished and revitalised skin. 

Uses advanced Sphere technology along with Tri-Peptides to completely rejuvenate aged skin giving your skin a lifted and firmer appearance.

Reduces size of pores, giving you a collected and smooth homogenous airbrushed skin profile.

Smoothens skin texture

Enhances tone and luminosity

Reduces Redness around nose and cheekbones

Removes Hyperpigmentation and Melasma caused from dark spots and scarring whilst restoring healthy skin tone.


Lumière Rouge Research : Post-Rouge Tri-Peptide Skin Resurrection Serum is Part of our highly anticipated Collection d'Armoires (Cabinet Collection) - designed to take away the confusion when it comes to skin routines.