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Our best-sellers for an advanced daily regimen in one set to help repair and resurrect the look of your skin. 

Limited-time Gift collection includes:

• Cleanser -
  Clarté Absolu, 100ml

• Pre-Rouge -
  Synchronized Cellular Skin Repair Concentrate, 30ml 

Post-Rouge -
  Tri-peptide Skin Resurrection Serum, 30ml 



Deep-pore cleanse with the Clarté Absolu in the AM and PM.

Apply the Pre-Rouge before and during your Lumiere Rouge session in the AM and PM on clean, dry skin.

Apply the Post-Rouge after your Lumiere Rouge session in the AM and PM before your moisturizer.



Lumière Rouge Research
Pre-Rouge Synchronized Cellular Skin Repair Concentrate

Lumière Rouge’s Clarté Absolu is a purifying and hydrating water activated gel cleanser that conditions your skin as it cleanses so as to not strip your skin bare like traditional cleansers that dry up your skin and remove essential skin oils causing mini fine fractures on the surface of your skin that deepen over time. 

The Clarté Absolu cleans deep into pores and conditions your skin, removing dead skin that tends to lay stagnant and build up on the surface of your skin, making your skin feel cleansed and conditioned without drying it out, it’s antioxidant ingredients neutralise stress induced free radicals that cause your skin to age.

It hydrates the skin, reverses dullness and helps with ageing skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores, leaving your face thoroughly cleansed, looking toned, luminous and feeling re-energised.



Lumière Rouge Research
Pre-Rouge Synchronized Cellular Skin Repair Concentrate

Advanced clinical complex deeply penetrates, replenishes moisture and restructures aged skin.

Synchronised cellular skin repair formulations restores healthy skin exposed to extrinsic environmental factors over the years.

Increases collagen and strengthens the look of the skin, whilst giving you renewed, energised and youthfully radiant skin.

Fine lines and Wrinkles appear diminished.

Lifts Sagging skin and Jowls.

Deeply hydrates, soothes and nourishes tired and ageing skin for a healthy vibrant glow.




Lumière Rouge Research
Post-Rouge Tri-Peptide Skin Resurrection Serum

An exceptional formula that is feather light and allows a deep lipid-replenishing action, for comfortable, nourished and revitalised skin. 

Uses advanced Sphere technology along with Tri-Peptides to completely rejuvenate aged skin giving your skin a lifted and firmer appearance.

Reduces size of pores, giving you a collected and smooth homogenous airbrushed skin profile.

Enhances the appearance of texture, tone and luminosity

Reduces Redness around nose and cheekbones

Removes Hyperpigmentation and Melasma caused from dark spots and scarring whilst restoring healthy skin tone.



* Lumière Rouge Research is part of our highly anticipated Collection d'Armoires (Cabinet Collection) - designed to take away the confusion when it comes to skin routines.