Clarté Absolu

Introducing the much anticipated Pre Rouge Deep Pore Cleanser - the Clarté Absolu. A divine cleanser that gives your skin absolute clarity whilst prepping it for your Lumière Rouge. 

The Clarté Absolu (a.k.a Absolute Clarity), cleans deep into the pores and conditions your skin simultaneously, it avoids stripping your skin dry like harsh mass market face washes that leave white marks on your skin and cause it to flake.

It removes dead skin that tends to lay stagnant and build up on the surface of your skin, prevents breakouts and it’s powerful antioxidant ingredients neutralize stress induced free radicals that cause your skin to age. Giving your skin a flawlessly clear, hydrated and glowy complexion with each wash.

We wanted the Pre-Rouge experience to be immersive, vibrant, sparkling, transportive. The Clarté Absolu is an invitation into the seductive atmosphere of the Italian Riviera. A fusion of exotic Turmeric, soft aquatic woods with crisp and uplifting citrus oils that captures the cool breezes, clear hydrating waters and lush landscapes that will remind you of the Italian Riviera.

Clarté Absolu a Pre-Rouge Facial Cleanser which contains 100% cold pressed Rosehip from Peru, 100% plant based Squalene, Turmeric from the Meghalaya region in India, Papaya from SriLanka, Bergamot from Côte d'Ivoire and Lumière Rouge thermal spring water. 

Lumière Rouge’s Clarté Absolu is a purifying and hydrating Pre-Rouge Cleanser that is a water activated gel cleanser that conditions your skin as it cleanses so as to not strip your skin bare like traditional cleansers that dry up your skin and remove essential skin oils causing mini fine fractures on the surface of your skin that deepen over time. 

The Clarté Absolu cleans deep into pores and conditions your skin, removing dead skin that tends to lay stagnant and build up on the surface of your skin, making your skin feel cleansed and conditioned without drying it out.

It hydrates the skin, reverses dullness and helps with ageing skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores, leaving your face thoroughly cleansed, looking toned, luminous and feeling re-energised.


* The Clarté Absolu is Part of our highly anticipated Collection d'Armoires (Cabinet Collection) - designed to take away the confusion when it comes to skin routines.